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The following books and publications are recommended by Universal Truth School


Astral Worship ….. J. H. Hill

Astrological World Cycles ……… Tara Mata (Laurie Pratt)

Astrotheology & Shamanism – Christianity’s Pagan Root…. Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit

Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology

Bible Myths and Parallels to Other Religions ……. Thomas W. Duane

Blacked Out through Whitewash …… Suzar

Celestial Dynamics, A Course of Astro-Metaphysical Study

Celsus on the True Doctrine – A Discourse Against the Christians
….. R. Joseph Hoffman

Christ in Egypt – The Horus-Jesus Connection …. D.M. Murdock

Cicero – On the Nature of the Gods Academics …. H. Rackham

Dance of the Zodiac – Rhythms and Patterns of Creation ….. William Schreib (read review)

God Save Us from Religion …… Ian Ross Vayro

Hermetic Masonry ……. Frank C. Higgins

Hesiod and Theognis ……. Dorothea Wender

Jesus and the Lost Goddess – The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians
….. Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

Julian’s Against the Galileans …… R. Joseph Hoffman

Lost Light – An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures …. Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Lost Star of Myth and Time ….. Walter Cruttenden

Manilius Astronomica …… G. P. Goold

Ovid Matamorphoses …… Charles Martin

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth …… John G. Jackson

Plato – The Complete Works ……. John M. Cooper and D.S. Hutchinson

Plutarch Moralla Volume V …… Frank Cole Babbitt

Porphyry’s Against the Christians – The Literary Remains ……. R. Joseph Hoffman

Ruins or Meditations on the Revolutions of Empires and the Law of Nature
….. C. F. Volney

Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy ….. Robert Hewitt Brown

Suns of God Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled
…. Acharya S (Author of the Christ Conspiracy)

Symbols, Sex and the Stars …. Ernest Busenbark, Jordan Maxwell (Preface)

Tetrabiblios ….. Claudius Ptolemy

That Old-Time Religion – The Story of Religious Foundations
…. Jordan Maxwell, Paul Tice and Alan Snow

The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth – Book 1 … Malik H Jabbar

The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth – Book 2 … Malik H Jabbar

The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth – Book 3 … Malik H Jabbar

The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth – Book 4 … Malik H Jabbar

The Bible Fraud …. Tony Bushby

The Biggest Lie Ever Told …… Malik H Jabbar

The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read …… Tim C. Leedom

The Christ Conspiracy – The Greatest Story Ever Sold
…. Acharya S (Author of the Christ Conspiracy)

The Christians as the Romans Saw them …. Robert Louis Wilken

The Crucifixion of Truth …. Tony Bushby

The Dark Side of Christian History …. Helen Ellerbe

The Devil’s Pulpit ….. Rev. Robert Taylor

The Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus ….. G.R.S. Mead

The Hermetica ….. Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ – Separating Fact from Fiction
…. Gerald Massey

The Jesus Mysteries – Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God
… Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

The Laughing Jesus – Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom .. Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

The Light of Egypt, The Science of the Soul and Stars ….. Thomas H. Burgoyne

The Occult Anatomy of Man and Occult Masonry ….. Manly P. Hall

The Papal Billions ….. Tony Bushby

The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus (1848) ….. Aratus John Lamb

The Red Sea is your Blood: The New Enlightenment ….. Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross ….. John M. Allegro

The Secret in the Bible ….. Tony Bushby

The Twin Deception ….. Tony Bushby

The Ultimate Canon of Knowledge ….. Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors – Christianity Before Christ ….. Kersey Graves

They Lied to Us in Sunday School ….. Ian Ross Vayro

Virgil – Ecologues, Georgics, Aeneid 1-6 ….. H. R. Fairclough, G.P. Goold

Who is the King of Glory? – A Study of the Christos Messiah Tradition ….. Alvin Boyd Kuhn


Top Ten books for Syncretistm

1/ Thomas H Burgoyne, ‘The Light of Egypt’, Volume One and Two

2/ George Carey, ‘Zodiac and the salts of Salvation’

3/ George Carey, ‘God – Man: The word made flesh’

4/ Karl Anderson, ‘Astrology of the Old Testament or the lost word regained’

5/ Marcus Manillius, ‘Astronimica’

6/ Sri Yukteswar, ‘The Holy Science’

7/ Alvin Boyd Khun, ‘Who is this King of Glory’

8/ Rev. Robert Taylor, ‘The Devil’s Pulpit’

9/ Walter Russell, ‘The Secret of Light’

10/ Walter Russell, ‘A new concept of the Universe’

Top Ten books for Astrology
1/ Firmicus Maternus, ‘Matheseos’

2/ Vettius Valens, ‘Anthology’

3/ Bonatti, ‘On basic Astrology’

4/ Abu Ma’shar, & Al Qabisi, ‘Introductions to Traditional Astrology’

5/ Marcus Manillius, ‘Astronimica’

6/ William Lilly, ‘Christian Astrology’

7/ Dorotheus of Sidon, ‘Carmen Astrologicum’

8/ Al Biruni, ‘The Book of instruction in the elements of the art of Astrology’

9/ Ptolemy, ‘Tetrabiblios’

10/ Papus, ‘Astrology for initiates’

Top Ten books for Biblical Astrology
1/ Ludwig B. Larsen, ‘Key to the Bible and Heaven’

2/ John H. Annis, ‘The Mystic Key or Bible Astrology’

3/ George Carey, ‘Zodiac and the salts of Salvation’

4/ Karl Anderson, ‘Astrology of the Old Testament or the lost word regained’

5/ George Carey, ‘God – Man: The word made flesh’

6/ Lyman E. Stowe, ‘Stowe’s Bible Astrology’

7/ Ludwig B. Larsen, ‘Ancient prehistoric wisdom’

8/ Thomas H Burgoyne, ‘The Light of Egypt’, Volume One and Two

9/ Karl Anderson, ‘Wisdom And What It Is: Astrology Divine And Inspired Of God And The Word Of God’

10/ Ludwig B. Larsen, ‘The universal law: The science of the heavens’

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Looking for a book that uses
caricatures and celebrity photos
to illustrate the physical
traits of the Zodiac Signs?

Universal Truth School
recommends the publications of
Starry-Eyed Productions

The book “Dance of the Zodiac” can now be shipped directly to you
from the publisher’s printers in the USA, UK and Australia

Order the books of author William Schreib at:


Dance of the Zodiac
Rhythms and Patterns of Creation

Book Overview by the Author
This 8’5 X 11 inch, bound and laminated book with 86 pages evolved out of the 14 years of research that this author used in creating my monthly “Celebrity Snapshots” article for DELL HOROSCOPE Magazine. This book goes beyond the column, to reveal many of my 40+ years of other observations on human physical traits and personalities.

DANCE OF THE ZODIAC begins with a brief overview that suggests how astrology works– as it illustrates the basic tenets of astrology by defining how the relative position of objects and wave-forms create specific angles and geometric shapes. The book then proceeds to demonstrate how these shapes are altered by astrology’s 3 Modal Forces and redefined by the rhythmic qualities of the 4 astrological Elements. These Modes and Elements (in their combinations) give us the unique qualities, that will help you and your friends to identify the nature of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Notably, the book uses hundreds of photos of celebrity faces (and my “amazingly accurate” caricatures) to show the modal features and qualities of the twelve signs. We then proceed to demonstrate how they manifest in the psychology, mannerisms and physical traits of all humans by illustrating the influence of astrology’s six personality components: The Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The book has three sections that show photo collages of celebrities who share the same Sun, Moon and Rising Sign! And there’s also a chapter that reveals the effects of the decans on all of the Sun Signs. The book concludes with 24 “Celebrity Snapshots” from past issues of DELL HOROSCOPE.

I believe that this is the most comprehensive “visual” work ever to be completed on the physical influences of astrology on human character.
William Schreib

“Personalities of the Zodiac, A Cartoon Chronicle on How Your Birthday Shapes Your Character”
This is William Schreib’s first book (published in 1998). This 60 page (5 by 8.5 inch) bound and laminated book takes you on a fully illustrated journey through the seasons of the year. With the placement of Schreib’s original caricatures and photos of celebrity faces, this book’s whimsical Zodiac environments demonstrate the creative impulses of each of the signs.
AVAILABLE ONLY in USA and Canada (due to high postage fees in Europe, Australia).






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