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    View Shopping Cart Santos Bonacci as well as being a teacher of Astrotheology, is an Australian Based Flamenco/Latin/Jazz guitarist. His music is original guitar music with a hint of Santana and Gypsy Kings. With Darryl Wood in the Duo ‘Bonacci & Wood’, Santos has sold thousands of copies of the duo’s ‘Moorea’ and ‘Nuevo Mundo’ CD’s. Santos started playing the Beatles and Cat Stephens at age 9 in 1972. Since then he has dabbled in Rock ‘n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Baroque, Flamenco & Contemporary. From this diverse background, Santos has developed a highly refined and original style, fusing Flamenco, Latin, and Jazz. This genre of music is mostly associated with the Gypsies of southern France and Spain, and was made popular on a global scale by the Gypsy Kings through the Eighties and Nineties. Santos’ music has an engaging intensity but is easy to listen to. With the Duo Bonacci & Wood, Santos was the opening act for Bill Gates’ keynote speech at the Comdex IT Expo 2001, (MGM Grand, Las Vegas), playing to 17,000 people. Other career highlights include opening for Leo Sayer at The Show Room, Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia and performances at the Riviera Casino, and 5 days at Comdex 2001 Las Vegas. Santos uses a hand built Spanish Flamenco Guitar, and has a playing technique based on Flamenco Classical and Baroque training. His album ‘Angelica’ was produced with the best Australian sound engineers (Andy Shanahan – Co-Producer, Steve Scanlon – Mastering). Together they have achieved a very high quality sounding ‘acoustic’ album. c audios and music by Santos and other musicians coming soon…
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    View Shopping Cart PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE BEFORE ENTERING THIS PAGE: The graphics/charts in this website are not physical items (unless you print them) after you have downloaded them. These graphics/charts will not arrive by mail as physical wall posters, they are high resolution DIGITAL GRAPHICS that need to be downloaded. The posters are not physical items (unless you print them) after you have downloaded them. These grahics/charts will not arrive to you by mail.

    ** Please allow some time for your digital item purchases to send to your email. Thank you for your patience.

    The graphics can then be taken to a printer to be printed into wall posters. There are ONLY DIGITAL GRAPHICS available on this page. Please make sure you know and understand what you are buying before making any purchases.
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