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  • Prisca Theologia: The Ancient Theology — Part 2 (of 3): Astrotheology


    In this, the second of three detailed examinations of the Prisca Theologia, Santos focuses on the development of Astrotheology, its roots and emergence more years ago than many people realize.

    (Approx. Running time: 1 hour 44 minutes)

  • Key to the Holy Science, Part 2


    Astrotheology in the bible: Mazzerroth, zodiac, astrology, allegory, hiding in the bible!

    A video of Santos’ presentation at the Nexus Forum in Carnegie, Melbourne. Here, Santos defines the many cycles in our visual Universe — from the daily rotation of our Earth to our solar system’s 24,000 year orbit around Sirius, our Sun’s binary star

  • The Key


    The original two-hour and 40 minute presentation on astrotheology. Discover how astrology was the original science and the origin of all religion. 2 disk set.

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