Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology uses the ancient principles and influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with astrological signs to help better understand the relationship or compatibility between people.

Consultation sessions with Santos are available from 8am to 7pm Central Standard Time (CST) USA  Click here to convert timezone

Attention: Please communicate via Skype when you receive your booking notification through email:

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Communication will only be via Skype.


  • All readings are only done over Skype (camera is not necessary). If needed Skype can downloaded by clicking here
  • Please acquaint yourself with Skype prior to commencement of the reading.
  • All correspondence must be made through Skype.
  • Please make your booking between the hours of 8am to 7pm Central Standard Time (CST) (USA)
    – Time zone information can be found here

Santos’ Skype screen may be shared for you to see various charts or visuals.
Charts if used are not printed out, nor is anything written down or recorded. You may record the Skype consultation if you wish.

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