432Hz Music

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
-Nikola Tesla

The benefits of 432Hz

When we listen to or play music in A=432Hz we align our bio-energetic field and environment with the universal golden mean of Phi (the Fibonacci series of numbers) It connects us to source, opens up the heart, harmonises our energetic systems whilst bringing about healing and homeostasis.

Brief History of 432Hz

Ancient civilisations understood that music played in the A=432Hz scale was not only mathematically consistent with planetary ratios but also consistent with Phi and universal design. Flutes from the Netherland’s dated back 45,000 BCE were tuned to 432Hz, the lyres of ancient Greece were played in 432Hz  as well as the stringed instruments discovered in Egyptian tombs. Pythagoras’s work on the ‘Music of the spheres’ incorporates the understanding of these mathematical relationships and how these ‘tones’ influence and manifest within the relationships of numbers, angles, shapes and sounds… these ‘celestial’ sounds (the seven visible planets) were known to influence all life.  The singing bowels of the Tibetan’s were traditionally  hand crafted to resonate to the tone of A=432hertz as they knew this was the ideal frequency required for healing. Sacred sites all over the world are encoded with the geometry and number of 432.

When A=432Hz was changed to A=440Hz

In 1910, Calhoun Deagan (US Naval Intelligence), was funded by the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller family (..enough said) to convince the American Federation of Musicians to endorse a standard of A=440Hz tuning for all orchestras and concert performing musicians. This was accepted by the US government in 1920 and became the International standard concert pitch in 1953. Every Instrument is now produced in the unnatural frequency of A=440 Hertz. This


Studies have show that music listened to in A=440Hz creates a skism with our bio-energetic fields, suppressing the heart-mind field while stimulating left brain function.

The science of ‘Cymatics’  demonstrates how sound waves manipulate matter.