Horizontal – Level & Flat…. Game Set and Match


Santos Bonacci·Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Suez canal is 120 miles long, it has no gates or lochs, it’s totally flat as are all oceans, in the introduction at the 52 second mark of the below video documentary on the Suez Canal the narrator says that there are no lochs built into the canal….. why? He says ‘because the two seas are the same level’ The Mediterranean and the Red Sea oceans are level with the canal.
So if the canal is flat and both Red sea and the Mediterranean Sea are level with it, where is the curvature?
If there was any convexity to the earth the canal would be totally dry, if there was any concavity to the shape of earth it would be flooded over, yet none of these two occur and the canal is always level, never dries up and it never floods over……


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