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Here is a photographic animation of the yearly Analemma (the Suns yearly course along the ecliptic). The top extremity is the tropic of Cancer. The bottom is the tropic of Capricorn. These are the two solstices (21st June and 21st December). The equator and/ or equinox is/ occurs in the middle of the two extremes, which is 47 degrees long. Where and when the figure eight Analemma crosses EIGHT and a half degrees above the equinoxial equator line on the way up to the tropic of Cancer occurs on the 15th of April in Aries every year.

(See here:

The 15th of April is the birthday of Sri Rama or Krishna (Rama/ Ram/ Lamb) in the Hindu calendar, the festival of Cerealia in the western Liturgical year. Today (15th April) is the day of the crossing in the sky in which the Sun commences journeying up to the tropic of Cancer to bring cereals and wine to the Northern Hemisphere.

(Jesus, Dionysus, Bacchus are all the Sun, wine makers and bread makers, hence the bread and the wine motif)

The Analemma also explains why the ancient astrologers insisted that Aries was always said to be in the middle of the heavens, known as the Medium Caelum.

“In the chart of the universe, which we have said was invented by very learned men, the MC (Medium Caelum) is found to be in Aries. This is because frequently-or rather, always-in all charts, the MC holds the principal place, and from this we deduce the basis of the whole chart, – especially since most of the planets and the luminaries-the Sun and

Moon-send their influence toward this sign”. Matheseos Firmicus Maternus 350 AD circa.

The Analemma also explains why in the bible the ‘woman’ is said to be in “the heavens”.

Rev 12:1 1 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

Returning on the way down from the tropic of Cancer the other Analemma crossing occurs on the 29th of August in Virgo.

This is the Goddess/ Lamb motif. (See:

Also Revelation 19:7 New International Version (NIV) 7 ‘Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory for the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready’.

This is also why the Lamb is “born of a virgin”, in the belly of the figure 8.

The 29th of August is the ‘Martyrdom of St John the Baptist’ day in the Liturgical year…. where he loses his head……. yeah….. caput style! Interesting that the mother of John, Elizabeth has a sister called Anna (Ana lemma).

I wonder how much Da Vinci knew about the ecliptic and syncretism with his two famous paintings: The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist and The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne?

Funny how Da Vinci in his two famous paintings; The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist and The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne has all the Analemma characters in them. i.e. St John (Tropic of Cancer), St Anne (Analemma), the Virgin (Virgo) Jesus (the Sun/Son & Tropic of Capricorn) and to boot a little Lamb (Aries)

Here is where thorough knowledge of the ecliptic will reveal to you what the ancient theologies were all based on……. the ecliptic! ALL theologies and sciences come from the ecliptic.

On the 25th of Dec, 3 days after the solstice at the bottom of the Analemma is Jesus’ birthday, at the top of the Analemma is the birthday of his cousin John the Baptist on the 24th of June 3days after the solstice. (Please read:

This is why John says: “that one (Jesus)must go on increasing and I will go on decreasing!”…… cos Jesus (the solstice of Dec) climes and increases as it heads toward the Cancer solstice, John, (the Summer solstice of June) wanes and decreases as it heads south for the tropic of Capricorn.

Also the Sun increases speed as it leaves the tropic of Cancer to reach the tropic of Capricorn. Then slows after it ‘turns’ at the tropic of Capricorn to reach Cancer again where his beloved mother Sirius (‘Jesus of Nazareth’ simply means ‘from Sirius’) is housed and also the it’s ‘domicile’ of the moon (Both Sirius and the Moon are Isis… Isis Mary as the Egyptians called her). This also explains why John says that ‘he’ will go on increasing. Capricorn is where the variable speed Sun is fastest along the ecliptic. Cancer is where the Sun is slowest. This can easily be verified by the fact that the sun spends 187 in the Northern Hemisphere whereas is spends only 178 in the Southern where it covers much more distance in its travels. One glance at the Analemma is enough to verify this fact. Around 10% or more distance is covered in the southern hemisphere by the sun in its trajectory in 10 days less time than it takes in the northern hemisphere.

Also the sun is much closer to the earth at the tropic of Capricorn, the 3rd January being the perihelion day and the opposite the 3rd July is the aphelion day where the Sun is further away from the Earth.

In between these two dates at the crossing, one, the Ram, (Aries) has his birthday. The other, John, dies beheaded (the top loop of the Analemma is John’s head).

Also, Jonah (Anagram for John) is the Sun and the Analemma is the whale that swallows him.

The Analemma is also the fish Jesus Ichtysin the heavens. Iesous Christos Theou Huios Soter, the first letters of each word being used to spell the word Ichthys -Greek for fish.

It is also the Lamb of God… the Lemma/ Lamb of Ana (Ana is another way of saying God)….. Ana = Agnes = Ignes = Igneous/Ignite = Fire = the Sun = God, or G.O.D. Generation, Operation, Dissolution. The God of the bible is “a raging fire”.

It’s all Astrotheology friends! Enjoy!!

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