Prescription Drugs and Murder

Santos Bonacci · 25 December 2012 at 20:57

Media and Law enforcement cannot say a word that associates the crack pots called psychiatrists or their drug connections, since Ronald Reagan put the drug manufacturers, Monsanto execs, and every International corporate insider as an employee inside FDA, USDA and every other agency designed to protect us from these very entities our planet and all humanity are being poisoned and destroyed from a United States Corporation. A false government disguised to fool people into believing  we live in a country with a Constitution, but the US corporation was installed in 1861 once Lincoln was assassinated by the bankers killing us and our planet.

      We know now civilizations prior to the Romans were far more advanced and lived in complete harmony, no mass graves, interaction with our brothers in other galaxies. We know through DNA we are not related to Neanderthal man and that all life appear 524 million years ago and Darwin is wrong on the survival of the fittest, that we must live in harmony. We must listen to our main organ, the heart, and use the brain for storage not decision making, because our civilization is based on many provably false premises and is collapsing before our eyes. We can choose to collaborate constructively or continue with our own extinction is Dr. Greg Braden’s hypothesis, but I can’t imagine that there is not something behind our elite forcing their hand. Why would any human destroy the very thing that keeps us alive,Giaia or Earth? It’s like something wants all humans dead along with our planet, which would have to be an outside negative force. My opinion, but just take a look at what just one of many enemies already entrenched within our power structure has been able to do to all human without a word of inquiry or any real investigation.

This list will astound you!

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