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  • Astro_chemico physiological_and_chromatic_chart

    Astro Chemico Physiological and Chromatic Chart


    This is a recreated (high res) Inez E. Perry 'Astro-Chemic-Physiological and Chromatic chart' based on the works of Dr George W. Carey and Dr Willheim H. Schuessler. The chart contains original references to the 12 inorganic minerals and how it's correspondences to the astrological western tradition, organ systems, and bio physiological functions of the human body. Modern mineral names and American numerical allocations for the Cell Salts have been added.

  • Three LORDS 5_2_17

    Triplicity Lords Rulers chart


    The Triplicity Lords are the three sequential rulers of each of the 12 houses which give further information regarding the birth chart. The 1st ruler pertains to the first part of the life, the 2nd is the middle part of the life and the 3rd the later part of life. In ancient astrology practice they were indispensable, all astrologers worked with them in all aspects of the science.

  • 9_Syncrota_pack

    The Syncrota 9 Chart Package


    The Full Nine-Pack of Syncretism Digital Graphics at one discounted price (save over 30%) compared with buying the images individually…

  • CAD_SUC_ANG_2.thumbnail

    Accidental Dignities chart


    The accidental dignities chart shows how the planets are strengthened or weakened in relation to the houses. It also shows the meanings of the houses and in which manner they influence the planets.

  • ZODIAC_PLANETS.thumbnail

    Essential Dignities & Debilities chart


    The Essential dignities chart shows the ideal positions for the planets in relation to the signs. The two dignities are ‘domiciles’ and ‘exultations’, the two debilities are ‘detriment’ and ‘fall’. When planets found in these respective signs they are either strengthened or weakened.

  • Zodiac_Deacans.thumbnail

    Decans chart


    The Decans chart shows the positions of all the 36 extra Zodiacal signs in relation to the Zodiac signs and whether they are northern constellations or Southern and also shows the respective body parts connected to those constellations.

  • syncrota wheel astrological biochemical medical chart

    Syncrota Wheel chart


    Syncrota is the all purpose Astrological chart of charts incorporating and syncretising much astrological information, including Medical Astrology and Bio Chemical.

  • Tarot_and_the _zodiac

    Tarot and the Zodiac chart


    Tarot and the Zodiac: The Tarot and the Zodiac graphic Syncretizes the 22 major Arcana cards of the Tarot with the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 10 Planetary bodies in the Solar system.

  • Four_Rivers

    Four Rivers Chart


    Four Rivers: The Four Rivers graphic displays the many and varied correspondences in nature and science to the Five Platonic solids.

  • Syncretism_Wheel

    Syncretism Wheel Chart


    Syncretism Wheel : The Syncretism Wheel graphic Syncretizes all the key Philosophical, Astrological, Astronomical, Medical, Sacred Geometry and Theological sciences, and much more.

  • Tree_of_ife

    Tree of Life chart


    The Tree of Life: The Tree of Life graphic Syncretizes the Cabalistic tree with the human body and the Zodiacal Astrologic correspondences, connecting all the 32 paths of the Tarot with the sephiroth.

  • Adam_Kadmon

    Adam Kadmon chart


    Adam Kadmon: The Adam Kadmon graphic shows the 48 original ancient constellations along the ecliptic and their correspondences to the human body according to ‘as above so below’ rule.

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