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  • Angelica_432Hz

    Angelica 432Hz – Santos


    10 Tracks of 432Hz Syncretic Music.

    Angelica is a full length, 10 track album of all orignial tunes, showcasing the intensity and emotion in Santos' unique fusion of Flamenco, Latin & Jazz…

  • Moliendo_Cafe_432Hz

    Moliendo Cafe 432Hz – Santos


    12 Tracks of 432Hz Syncretic Music.

    Moliendo Café is a Guitar instrumental album with an eclectic range of influences; Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, and more…

  • Amazing_Days_432Hz

    Amazing Days 432Hz – Santos


    14 Tracks of 432Hz Syncretic Music.

    'Amazing Days', five years in the making is a celebration of life and truth. It is an honest sounding recording, faithful to the Flamenco Guitar language and all it's offshoots...

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