Mother Mary, Divine Magnetism

Magnetism is the progenitor of electricity.
Magnetism is much much more powerful than electricity. Possibly endlessly more powerful.
Magnetism is not motion, electricity is motion. Magnetism is stillness.
Magnetism stills electricity, it is the stillness that centers and balances the two sex halved red AND blue force (“one force, two sexes” Walter Russell) of electricity, it is white centering light and it is ONE (unity, spirit), electricity is red and blue light and it is two (duality, matter) see the South Korean flag.
Magnetism is NOT a force, electricity is a force, magnetism is power/ potency. Magnetism is the balancing focal point of all waves. See my presentations re the wave and the ecliptic. The center point of all waves.
Please read the book ‘The Holy Science’ by Swami Sri Yukteswar as he clarifies these anciently known truths. In this book he calls it ‘Divine Magnetism’, and shows how electricity is inferior to it. We are currently in the age of electricity, the age of magnetism is now upon us according to Yukteswar.
Magnetism can be likened to the interior potency of Sri Krishna (Radharani) whereas electricity is the external potency (Durga-Maya) Notice the word Maya – illusion.
The internal/ everlasting-unconditioned world is always superior to the external/ temporal-conditioned world.
See also this film for visuals of this: ‘The Primmer Fields”

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