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A collection of videos in this USB drive, reflects Santos’ 30+ years of (ongoing) research into the ancient Holy Science of Astrotheology and Syncretism. Santos explains through video, and via radio presentations, how the language of astrology reflects the latest scientific discoveries with its simple Sine-Wave concept, that in its ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ fractals, affects the galaxies, Earth’s seasons, human bodies and personalities– and ultimately all of creation. “As Above, So Below”.

Syncretism: Astrological Charts, Diagrams and Illustrations (LARGE Poster Sized)

A selection of original, unique and detailed Astrological charts and essential diagrammatic illustrations of great importance to all those interested in Syncretism are now available through this website. These detailed graphics, created to complement Santos’ presentations, were created by digital designer and artist, Sonia Bonacci (Santos’ niece). They are essential accompaniments to the teachings and presentations given by Santos on the topics relating to Astrology and Syncretism. Take a look now: Syncretism Graphics available HERE